Monday, July 23, 2018

Some Clarification

Thanks to Dessie Arnold for asking for clarification about some of the terms in the Summer Tangles Challenge. Here is my list of links and definitions, which is in no way complete. I tried to credit originators when possible, but I don't know all of them., and Pinterest are great places to learn more and see examples.

All illustrated examples below are my own work and not definitive of the technique being described.
Add color*--There are many ways to add color to a Zentangle tile before, during, and after you tangle, from colored pens and pencils to bleeding tissue paper. Project Pack 3 (from Zentangle HQ) contained a video demonstrating the use of watercolor pencils ( )

Bijou*--These are little tiles produced by Zentangle headquarters, inspired by a whimsical tale about a snail (
Celtic Knot*--Many people who tangle like the look of Celtic knotwork. There have been several individual tangles that are inspired by these knots, such as Aura Knot and Feeling Knotty.There's also a great kit on them by CharKat's Creative Insanity and a video on FreeForm Knots by Eni Oken (see for all Eni Oken videos mentioned here.)

Dewdrop*--These are official Zentangle enhancers, designed to look like translucent water drops on a pattern. See Lynn Mead's great tutorial

Dingbatz*--Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, founders of Zentangle, introduced the idea of dingbatz about a year ago in a Kitchen Table Tangle video (most KTT videos are available to Zentangle Mosaic subscribers only), inspired by the calligraphic designs used by publishers to separate sections. There are a variety of examples on Pinterest and a video by Eni Oken.

Embedded Letter*--Maria and Rick did an embedded letter as part of the Kitchen Table Tangles video series, whereby you decorate and hide a letter within a tile.

Frames*--frames are concentric squares often used to outline or decorate words or phrases. Eni Oken has a video on frames.

Macrotangle (work large)*--To macrotangle, increase the size of your patterns. Let's say you usually fit 16 bales on a tile, enlarge them so you only get four. A good way to slow down and see a tangle differently

Microtangle (work small)*--The opposite of macrotangle, this is when you work really small; see video by Eni Oken.
Note:  this is a Bijou tile!

Monotangle*--focusing on only one pattern for the whole tile. Another great way to bring mindfulness to your tangling practice.

Tranzending*--This idea of overlapping tangles was introduced in a Kitchen Table Tangles video…/kitchen-table-tangles-zentangle…

Zen Button*--Comprising tangled concentric circles; see creator Marguerite Samana's tutorial…/a-tutorial-by-czt-marguerite-sa…

Zen Gem*--Zen gems are tiles that include a section colored to look like a real or imaginary gemstone; see

Zendala*--these are mandalas often drawn on circular tiles from Zentangle HQ called Zendalas; see Zentangle Mosaic and Pinterest for examples, also a video by Eni Oken.

Zenribbon*--These were the subject of Project Pack 3 from Zentangle HQ. See

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