Thursday, July 5, 2018

My New Tangle: NATHEA

At a friend's lake house for a summer party, I spotted this pattern draped across a chair.

I was inspired and spent the next several days playing with the pattern.


Until it became NATHEA!

The template is coprighted by Tangle, where I'll be submitting this soon.

This is an organic tangle that can also be adapted for a grid or even border.  I leave the inside of the tangle empty in the step-out so that you can add your own patterns to the middle; I've tried orbs, petals, lines, and auras.  I hope people will find many possibilities in this tangle.

With more practice, I think a grid of Nathea can become a meta-tangle with hearts--NATHEARTS!

The non-representational name is a combination of the names of my twins, who turn into teenagers next week!

Summer Tangles Challenge: Hamail

Hamail, with punzel, chainging, crescent moon, tipple, and I forget the name of the border tangle with swirls

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

First Tile

Let the Summer Tangles Challenge 2018 begin!

Okay, I'm a bit early, but I'm excited.  I've been getting loads of CZT support and am looking forward to seeing everyone's tangles.  I hope you'll join me, in whatever capacity inspires you.  I'll be posting here, on FB, and on Instagram under Yankee Tangler and #summertangles2018.

I have noticed (or, more specifically, been alerted to) a few mistakes on my original announcement:  I used the tangles Pach and Z-trik twice and I skipped July 31.  So, those days are choose-your-own-tangle days.  I'll be doing my fellow CT CZT Laura Anthony Marks's new Ringz on July 31. 

Happy tangling!

Saturday, June 30, 2018


I love a good tangle challenge--often a list of tangles to try each day--and have participated in #Valentangles, #Gratitangles, #Giveatangle, and #Inktober.  Challenges let me explore new pattern, get inspiration from others working on the same thing, and encourage me to tangle each day for a set period of time.

Seeing a dearth of tangle challenges in the summer months, I made one.  I've drawn the tangles from TanglePattern's 2018 Tangle Guide so that everyone has access to the step outs; the list of tangle creators is included in this wonderful resource (I highly recommend supporting Linda Farmer's efforts by purchasing the guide.)  Some are old, some new; some "official" from Zentangle HQ, most not.  There are grids, organics, fillers, borders, and more.  For the most part, I chose tangles that I have either rarely or never used so that I can add to my comfort repertoire.  I've also chosen a few techniques, or trends, popular among CZTs (Certified Zentangle Teachers) and other tanglers, such as the enhancer "dewdrop," Zen Gems, and embedded letters.  I'll post my tiles here, on my FB page, and on Instagram ("yankeetangler"), and encourages others to post their own, using #summertangles2018.

The Zentangle Method is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.  It was originated by Maria and Rick Thomas.  For more information or to find a Certified Zentangle Teacher near you, visit Zentangle HQ.

Have fun experimenting and spread the word!

Here's the list:

July 4:  Footlites
July 5:  Hamail
July 6:  Z-trik
July 7:  Dewdrop*
July 8:  Wisket
July 9:  Abundies
July 10:  Ponio
July 11:  Cubic
July 12:  Monotangle*
July 13:  Fiore
July 14:  Trix
July 15: Zonked
July 16: ‘Dillo
July 17:  Zen Gem*
July 18:  XYP
July 19: Chainlea
July 20:  Equerre
July 21: Add color*
July 22:  Bwiya
July 23:  Gingham
July 24:  Tranzending*
July 25:  Groovy
July 26:  Kuzek
July 27: Microtangle (work small)*
July 28:  Pach
July 29:  Scallamp
July 30:  Zen Button*
July 31:  Ringz (date missed on original announcement)
Aug 1:  Knot Rickz
Aug 2: Chaist
Aug 3:  Golven
Aug 4:  Zendala*
Aug 5: All About V
Aug 6:  Dingbatz*
Aug 7:  Prestwood
Aug 9:  Vache 1
Aug 10:  Organic
Aug 11:  Clob
Aug 12:  Snugz
Aug 13:  Bijou*
Aug 14:  Pach (oops, a repeat--it's a choose-your-own-tangle day!)
Aug 15:  Rashell
Aug 16:  Biscus
Aug 17:  Floatfest
Aug 18:  Frames*
Aug 19: Warped Egg
Aug 20:  Balo
Aug 21:  Embedded Letter*
Aug 22: Arc Flower
Aug 23:  Zenribbon*
Aug 24:  Lollywimple
Aug 25:  Zenith
Aug 26:  Snail
Aug 27:  Strircles
Aug 28:  Celtic Knot*
Aug 29: Cayke
Aug 30:  DL-Labyrinth
Aug 31:  Macrotangle (work large)*
Sept 1:  Maryhill
Sept 2: Z-trik (and another double, so do what you like!)
Sept 3:  Spoolies

OOOPs, I realized that I repeated two tangles.  Well, embracing the "no mistakes" mentality of the Zentangle Method, I'm leaving them right where they are.  I'll just do them twice!  Plus a Bronx Cheer.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Zentangle Zenith

Last weekend, I had a marvelous getaway at a Zentangle retreat at Copper Beech. The beautiful grounds with the stone labyrinth, the delicious food, the calming meditation and yoga classes, the diverse participants, and the inspiring workshops all combine to make it one of my favorite places.

And, oh, the tangling!  This is the third Zentangle retreat I've attended at Copper Beech (plus a one-day workshop)  and it was my favorite so far.  Taught by Certified Zentangle Teachers (CZTs) Beth Malley and Janet Valencis, the class was well-paced and informative with lots of different projects, new tangles, goodie supply bags, and fun raffles (I won a small photo cube that will hold small Bijou tiles.)  So many great projects, including our double-heart-string puzzle, a piece of which was given to someone else to tangle and returned to us at the end of the weekend.

And the gorgeous bleeding tissue paper that colored our Opus-sized tile for our tangled heart.  I experimented with lots of "frills" or "doodads" outside the heart, also with random white dots to highlight the patterns.  And of course, I don't usually work in color.  This was a great way to use color without worrying about coloring or painting in the tangles.  

We also made gratitude bouquets (the vase is made from acrylic paint applied onto paper with baby wipes!), a little book (acrylic paint scraped on paper with a gift card or hotel key card), and a little Bijou tile book which will contain 26 tangles A to Z.  I made the book but will add the Bijous later.  I was mostly focused on the bigger, higher concentration projects like the heart and the puzzle.  At the end, instead of a class mosaic, we did a mini-exhibition with all of our projects displayed.  

I really liked the group of women (and one man), both CZTs and newbies, who attended, several of whom I'm now in touch with online.  And I'm already saving the date for next year's retreat.  Until then, I'll be playing with doodads and tissue paper.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Ending November Early

With the holidays and other events filling up the last weeks of November, I combined several tangles from the November challenges #Gratitangles and #Giveatangle2017 into the same tile.  Some I like, others not as much.  Even though I practice Zentangle most days, I am more or less mindful and meditative depending on the day.  Today, in combining 15 tangles (and forgetting one) in one tile, I lost concentration, made a mistake in setting down the basis of beeline, and was then frustrated.  I rushed the rest of the tangles and shading, giving up on the idea of a "perfect" tile.  Ah, perfect is the enemy of good.  I forget the "no mistakes" mantra of the Zentangle community.  It's a practice.  One I definitely need.

Day 18-21: pokeleaf, bales, fengle, flourish

Day 18-21: phroz, mooka, huggins, Bronx cheer

Day 22: ta-da and fandango

Day 23-30:   With drupe, amphora, zinger, rixty, laced, cruffle, benumber, cubine, viaduct, 'nzeppel, (incorrectly started) beeline, JJ, golven, purk, and chainlink. 

Friday, November 17, 2017

Zentangle Happenings

In addition to my November challenge tiles, I've been doing other Zentangle practices.

I had an influx of followers on my FB page, Yankee Tangler, and so drew up this little primer quickly to help them jump right in.

I made this after finishing Eni Oken's Tangled Letters; it follows the same process even though it's a peace sign.  I added the pencil Sandswirl in the background for added texture.

I made this after my uncle died, as my family drew together to celebrate his life.

And this was for my mother-in-law on the day of her recent eye surgery.

This is a tile that I'd started weeks ago and with which I was displeased.  But I saved it to try again.  No mistakes!

I bought some new gray brush pens, Sakura Koi.  I'm trying them instead of graphite; they give me more control.

Here's the completed tile, with a rainbow from my prism cast upon it.

And finally, I had another henna party, this time at a friend's house in honor of another friend who has breast cancer.  We adapted the Indian art form usually practiced by women for weddings to honor our friend and surround her with supportive female friends at this time of challenge and difficulty.  

Here's my hand, which I did (freehand):

And the hands of the women at the party: