Friday, May 31, 2019

Summer Tangles Challenge 2019

It's the second annual Summer Tangles Challenge!!  

Like last year, I've drawn the tangles from the current TanglePattern's 2019 Tangle Guide so that everyone has access to the step outs; the list of tangle creators is included in this wonderful resource (I highly recommend supporting Linda Farmer's efforts by purchasing the guide.)  Some are old, some new; some "official" from Zentangle HQ, most not.  There are grids, organics, fillers, borders, and more.  For the most part, I chose tangles that I have either rarely or never used so that I can add to my comfort repertoire.  I've also chosen a few techniques, or trends, popular among CZTs (Certified Zentangle Teachers) and other tanglers, such as marginalia, inkless tangling, and Zentwining.  I'll post my tiles here, on my FB page, and on Instagram ("yankeetangler"), and encourage others to post their own, using #summertangles2019.  Below I include an explanation of some of the terms, with links and examples.

The Zentangle Method is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.  It was originated by Maria and Rick Thomas.  For more information or to find a Certified Zentangle Teacher near you, visit Zentangle HQ.

Have fun experimenting and spread the word!

July 4:  Ellish
July 5: Icantoo
July 6: técnica seca*:  María Tovar's inkless tangling
July 7:  Bilt
July 8: Counterpoint
July 9: Surf’s Up
July 10:  Wholly Hollibaugh
July 11:  Marginalia*: decorative borders or embellishments
July 12: Andante
July 13: Enthatching*:  Hatching technique described in Twelve Days of Zentangle video
July 14: Ticking
July 15: D’eneh
July 16:  Ribbon Rose
July 17: Cindyer
July 18:  Cartouche*:  A decorative frame highlighted in Zentangle Project Pack #5
July 19: SlowPoke
July 20:  Antique
July 21: BRRRST
July 22: A-frame
July 23: Copada
July 24:  Beadlines
July 25:  Sproing*:  A tendril-like aura, introduced in Twelve Days of Zentangle video (around 5:40)
July 26: 1 2 3 O’Leary
July 27: Fe-ba
July 28: Dewd
July 29: Frunky
July 30:  Cirquital
July 31:  Ratoon
August 1:  Zentwining*:  See Lynn Mead's tutorial
August 2: Mazorito
August 3:  Tamisolo
August 4: Avreal
August 5: Dooleedo
August 6: ½ Orbs
August 7: Scarabou
August 8:  Cookie Cutter string:  see my upcoming post
August 9:  Double Double
August 10: Knyt
August 11:  Gutz
August 12:  Barquillos
August 13:  Well Well Who
August 14: Eleganza
August 15:   Rose Window*:  See Melinda Barlow's video
August 16: Narwhal
August 17:  Caracole
August 18: Zig Zag Track
August 19: Alaura
August 20: Crezendo
August 21: Loop
August 22:  Dingsplazt*:  See this Kitchen Table Tangle video
August 23:  Hexonu
August 24: Konked
August 25:  Pendrils
August 26:  Blankett
August 27: Swimz
August 28: 8C
August 29:  Roscoe
August 30: Vea
August 31: B-Leaf
September 1: Romanancy*: a technique now named for the late Nancy Sampson
September 2:  Courant