Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Tanson, a New Tangle

I have a new tangle, a rather baroque, grid-like pattern that I'm calling Tanson (a combination of my last name and my wife's, as well as a reference to "tangle.")  I think it has so many possibilities. Because of the way you create the tangle, there are two different kinds of shapes created--one is essentially rounded, the other "pointy."  You can alter the connecting shapes from "rice" or ovals, fill the interior with various tangles, add more auras, etc.

While I've seen similar patterns in architecture, upholstery, woodwork, ironwork, and the like, the most direct inspiration was a piece of embroidery I saw online:

I played around with it for awhile, first with differentiating the "m-shapes" top and bottom, and then keeping them the same through one whole iteration.  It's hard to explain verbally.

Just some practice tiles . . . .

The tile on the left has the "m-shapes" in different directions for the top and bottom of each part of the grid--they sort of look like little bats!  The tile on the right has the "m-shapes" in the same direction connecting all four "rice" shapes, which then makes two rows of slightly different shapes.

Here are two different versions of the step out, one for submission to Linda Farmer's great Tanglepatterns and the other using a CZT-template from Zentangle HQ.  

And now on tiles . . . . 

Stagger the spacing of "rice" shapes

Connect "rice" shapes with m-shapes.

Connect four rice shapes with "m-shapes" all facing the same way.

Continue in same row.

If you do every other row with rounded m-shapes, then the alternate rows appear "pointy."

Aura the shapes.

You can leave it blank or . . . .

You can add filler, alter connecting points, perhaps even change the "m-shape."
Here is a single Tanson, with Sproing, Crescent Moon, Diva Dance Rock n' Roll, and a tangleation of Diva Dance with Orbs (Diva Dance Ball??)

Here is Tanson in the corner; a single row can also be used as a border.

Happy tangling with Tanson!

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