Saturday, June 30, 2018


I love a good tangle challenge--often a list of tangles to try each day--and have participated in #Valentangles, #Gratitangles, #Giveatangle, and #Inktober.  Challenges let me explore new pattern, get inspiration from others working on the same thing, and encourage me to tangle each day for a set period of time.

Seeing a dearth of tangle challenges in the summer months, I made one.  I've drawn the tangles from TanglePattern's 2018 Tangle Guide so that everyone has access to the step outs; the list of tangle creators is included in this wonderful resource (I highly recommend supporting Linda Farmer's efforts by purchasing the guide.)  Some are old, some new; some "official" from Zentangle HQ, most not.  There are grids, organics, fillers, borders, and more.  For the most part, I chose tangles that I have either rarely or never used so that I can add to my comfort repertoire.  I've also chosen a few techniques, or trends, popular among CZTs (Certified Zentangle Teachers) and other tanglers, such as the enhancer "dewdrop," Zen Gems, and embedded letters.  I'll post my tiles here, on my FB page, and on Instagram ("yankeetangler"), and encourages others to post their own, using #summertangles2018.  UPDATE:  See "Some Clarification" for an explanation of some of the terms, with links and examples.

The Zentangle Method is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.  It was originated by Maria and Rick Thomas.  For more information or to find a Certified Zentangle Teacher near you, visit Zentangle HQ.

Have fun experimenting and spread the word!

Here's the list:

July 4:  Footlites
July 5:  Hamail
July 6:  Z-trik
July 7:  Dewdrop*
July 8:  Wisket
July 9:  Abundies
July 10:  Ponio
July 11:  Cubic
July 12:  Monotangle*
July 13:  Fiore
July 14:  Trix
July 15: Zonked
July 16: ‘Dillo
July 17:  Zen Gem*
July 18:  XYP
July 19: Chainlea
July 20:  Equerre
July 21: Add color*
July 22:  Bwiya
July 23:  Gingham
July 24:  Tranzending*
July 25:  Groovy
July 26:  Kuzek
July 27: Microtangle (work small)*
July 28:  Pach
July 29:  Scallamp
July 30:  Zen Button*
July 31:  Ringz (date missed on original announcement)
Aug 1:  Knot Rickz
Aug 2: Chaist
Aug 3:  Golven
Aug 4:  Zendala*
Aug 5: All About V
Aug 6:  Dingbatz*
Aug 7:  Prestwood
Aug 9:  Vache 1
Aug 10:  Organic
Aug 11:  Clob
Aug 12:  Snugz
Aug 13:  Bijou*
Aug 14:  Pach (oops, a repeat--it's a choose-your-own-tangle day!)
Aug 15:  Rashell
Aug 16:  Biscus
Aug 17:  Floatfest
Aug 18:  Frames*
Aug 19: Warped Egg
Aug 20:  Balo
Aug 21:  Embedded Letter*
Aug 22: Arc Flower
Aug 23:  Zenribbon*
Aug 24:  Lollywimple
Aug 25:  Zenith
Aug 26:  Snail
Aug 27:  Strircles
Aug 28:  Celtic Knot*
Aug 29: Cayke
Aug 30:  DL-Labyrinth
Aug 31:  Macrotangle (work large)*
Sept 1:  Maryhill
Sept 2: Z-trik (and another double, so do what you like!)
Sept 3:  Spoolies

OOOPs, I realized that I repeated two tangles.  Well, embracing the "no mistakes" mentality of the Zentangle Method, I'm leaving them right where they are.  I'll just do them twice!  Plus a Bronx Cheer.


  1. Thanks for NOT starting on July 1st. 😂 I always feel extra pressure when I start off "behind". LOL. This is a great list (still don't see the duplicate!) and thanks for the extra techniques! And YES Linda Farmer and her site are AMAZING. Nice helping to support all her efforts. Happy tangling!

  2. Looking forward to working through your list. Thanks for the compilation!

    I saw the duplicates, but plan to do variations, to see where I go!

    I noticed that a tangle for July 31 is missing an assignment. Is that the day for a Bronx Cheer?

    1. A bronx cheer would be great for any of my mistakes!!

  3. Thank You for the list. I will tanke my tangle stuff with me on our trip from Hamburg, Seattle, Yellowstone, Vancouver Island, Seattle and back to Hamburg. That would be fun and I try to write down where I am while we travel. That will be a fun tangling time....

    1. That sounds like a wonderful trip! Safe travels and happy tangling.

  4. Just a quick Thank You for compiling the list for us. I can't do a tile every day, but I am busy combining 3 days into one and love every minute of it!

  5. I'm so glad you're enjoying this...and in your own way! Happy Tangling!

  6. Thanks to Susie NG, I just found you! Thanks so much for providing this challenge. I'll try to jump in!